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School ordered shut down over discrepancies

By Li Wenfang in Guangzhou ( Updated: 2014-09-26 19:28

An organization in Dongguan that offered classes on women's virtues and studies of Chinese ancient civilization was ordered to be shut down for spreading information against social virtues, going beyond business scope and running educational classes without a certificate.

The Mengzheng Institute of Studies of Chinese Ancient Civilization also is suspected of profiting from classes that were supposed to be free, the information office of Dongguan city government said.

Mengzheng was registered as a company engaged in exhibition, ceremonial activities and cultural shows but was mainly running classes on happy life, women's virtue, preschool education and studies of Chinese ancient civilization.

Its women's virtue classes, in which some teachers advocated unconditional obedience to one's spouse and a teacher claimed she could diagnose illnesses simply through touch, became controversial after being reported in the media.

According to media reports, although the classes were free, some students were persuaded by teachers to donate money.

The government said its investigatation of Mengzheng's classes continues.

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