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Xinhua launches news app to boost China-Europe relations

( Updated: 2014-09-26 06:18

Xinhua News Agency's Europe Regional Bureau on Thursday launched a mobile app, named Xinhua Europe, in a bid to strengthen China's media coverage of Europe and help people in Europe know more about China.

Xinhua unveiled the English and Chinese edition of the mobile app at a launch ceremony held in Brussels, where the headquarters of its Europe Regional Bureau are based, noting that its French edition will be published soon.

The app has been hailed as "a walking dictionary" for both China and Europe.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said during his visit to Europe in late March and early April this year, that China and Europe need to build four "bridges" of peace, growth, reform and progress of civilization to step up friendship and cooperation.

In August, Xi called on the nation to integrate traditional and new media platforms to diversify its communication systems.

Xinhua pays high importance to advancing China-Europe relations by using new media. Li Congjun, President of Xinhua News Agency, visited Europe in June this year, paving the way for Xinhua Europe Regional Bureau and its local branches to modernize the way it reports China to Europe and vice versa.

Yang Yanyi, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the EU, extended her congratulations to the launch,saying such new App will make further contribution to building a bridge and of friendship and cooperation across the Eurasian continent and stronger bound of partnership between the two major civilization of China and Europe. Liao Liqiang, Chinese Ambassador to Belgium, attended the ceremony.

More than 300 guests and dignitaries tested the new app and visited the picture exhibition on China-Europe relations at the event, including EU officials, entrepreneurs, press and student representatives.

Xinhua Europe is produced by a special editorial team based out of Brussels and supported by 150 journalists and over 200 local employees in 40 sub-branches across Europe.

The Xinhua Europe office plays an active role in shaping Xinhua's reporting in Europe and adapting the news especially for smart phone users.

Xinhua Europe allows readers access to a state-of-the-art app containing fresh news, in-depth stories and images from Europe, as well as Chinese news. Topics covered will also include education, investment, traveling, fashion and foreign affairs.

Xinhua Europe is one of several applications launched by Xinhua in recent years.

On June 11 this year, Xinhua launched "Xinhua app" in China, showcasing Xinhua's news and media products.

The Xinhua app has drawn over 1 million subscribers worldwide since its launch.

Xinhua, founded in 1931, has taken solid steps to continue evolving into a modern media group by integrating traditional and new media components.

Xinhua is the state news agency of China and has the country's largest network of newsrooms. It has branches in more than 100 countries and regions, and seven regional offices.

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