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Traffic police to begin carrying guns on patrol

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-09-23 07:57


Traffic police to begin carrying guns on patrol

The traffic police in Sichuan province will carry guns on patrol, West China City Daily reported. Ye Jiankun, head of the provincial Traffic Police Bureau, said officers will be armed to cope with emergencies. Since May, traffic police in some parts of Chengdu, the provincial capital, have been armed.

Man accused of killing shop owner, setting fire

A villager in Shuangfeng, Xichong county, has been charged with killing a shop owner and setting the shop on fire, West China Metropolis Daily reported. The villager allegedly gambled away his son's tuition fee and tried to steal money from a nearby shop. When the shop owner caught him red-handed, he killed her and burned her body and shop with gasoline, according to police.

Foreclosed home to be auctioned online

A court in Bazhong will auction a residence online on Oct 9. Its starting price was lowered from 824,900 yuan ($134,310) to 659,920 yuan. So far 3,100 people have visited the web page featuring the 236-square-meter property belonging to a couple who defaulted on a bank loan. The bank requested the auction, West China Metropolis Daily reported. Beijing

Li sends letter to IAEA conference in Vienna

China will develop nuclear power on the basis of safety and is focusing on energy conservation and aiming to enhance the use of clean energy, Premier Li Keqiang said. In a congratulatory letter to the 58th general conference of International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna on Monday, Li said China has always kept close ties with the organization and contributed to global nuclear safety.

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