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Double Chinese suicide through exam pressure

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-09-22 17:01

CHANGSHA - Two high school students died by jumping from a campus dormitory early Monday in Central China's Hunan province, leaving notes saying they could not endure the pressure of study.

Both boys were first-grade senior students at Linli No.1 Middle School. They jumped from the fifth floor of their dormitory building minutes after midnight. Linli public security bureau received a report of the deaths at about 1 am Monday.

Both left notes saying they felt too much pressure and were distressed that their scores did not meet their own expectations nor those of their parents.

China's education system has often been criticized for its exam-driven curriculum, focused on memorizing textbooks and getting good test scores.

The college entrance exam, known as gaokao is seen as the only way for millions to a promising career beyond vocational training. Entrance into higher education institutions is heavily reliant on gaokao.

The Ministry of Education started to reform the exam system this year by introducing a more comprehensive evaluation system and more choice for students. Currently enrolled middle school students will not benefit from the reform.

Double Chinese suicide through exam pressure  Double Chinese suicide through exam pressure
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