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Crime rate continues to rise in Beijing

By Yang Wanli ( Updated: 2014-09-16 18:17

The crime rate in Beijing has been on the increase since 1997, although it did fall in 2008 and 2009, says a report by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences of Beijing University of Technology.

"Thanks to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and 60th Anniversary of establishment of People's Republic of China in 2009, the crime rate dropped in those two years," said Zhang Jin, professor of law at the college.

The report, released on Tuesday, indicates that the crime rate in Beijing increased in 1998 by 411 percent on the previous year and the rate steadily increased in the next 10 years by between 49 and 78 crimes reported to the police per 10,000 people annually.

Statistics from Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau show more than 14,000 suspects were arrested, in 2013, by police responding to a 110 call. Most of the cases were related to fraud and theft.

The bureau has maintained a micro blog account since August 2010, which now has more than 6 million followers. The micro blog not only posts the latest news about the city's security condition but also teaches residents skills, such as self-defense and crime awareness.

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