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New office to regulate Internet content in China

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-08-28 21:26

BEIJING - China's State Internet Information Office (SIIO) is mandated to regulate and supervise what is spread on the Internet, China's State Council reiterated on Thursday.

It issued a circular clarifying the role and responsibilities of the recently established SIIO as false reports and libel in Chinese social media continue to take their toll.

The circular said the mandate was made in a bid to promote the healthy and orderly development of Internet services, protect legitimate rights of citizens, companies and organizations, as well as to safeguard national security and public interests.

The body was established earlier this year after an overflow of illegal information on China's Internet, including rumors and pornography.

In February, China also established the Central Internet Security and Informatization Leading Group headed by President Xi Jinping, who stressed that Internet security is a major strategic issue concerning a country's security and development as well as people's daily lives.

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