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Exhibition marks Xinjiang corps' beginnings

By Wang Xu ( Updated: 2014-08-18 14:35

An exhibition commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps opened at the National Museum of China on Friday.

The exhibition, called Reclamation Endeavors and the Chinese Dream, features more than 160 cultural relics and some 200 photos reflecting the development of the XPCC by several generations.

"Today's prosperity of Xinjiang is built on the basis of yesterday's endeavors," said Wang Lei, son of Wang Hanxing, who founded the XPCC, which built farms, cities and towns, with Wang Zhen in 1954.

Wang Lei was born in 1942 and moved to Xinjiang with his father's troops in 1949. He witnessed and experienced the foundation of XPCC as a child.

"I lived in Xinjiang for more than 20 years," Wang said, "There is no other place that I would want to go to over and over again other than Xinjiang ... Behind each photo and cultural relic here, there is a moving story showing XPCC's loyalty to the country, selfless devotion, hard work and enterprising spirit,"he added.

The exhibition will stay up until Sept 15.

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