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Media voices on real name policies

(Global Times) Updated: 2014-08-15 14:24

China Youth Daily: Real-name for mobiles can prevent abuse of power

While power helps the government manage society, it can also infringe on the rights of citizens. Therefore, the government should consider if such a system is necessary or legitimate beforehand.

Beijing Times: Real-name face mask policy oversteps law

The strong dissatisfaction expressed online was directly responsible for the immediate recall of real-name registration requirement for buying face masks in Anning, Yunnan Province. This serves as a reminder for government departments to only act according to the law, which is the only way the government can win support from the people.

Legal Daily: Retraction of real-name masks reflects restraint

As the decision-maker and power-holder, the local government should conduct more research and communicate with the people rather than merely implement forceful administrative regulations.

Fortunately, the government quickly reversed its regulation and apologized to the public. This reflects restraint and respect for the law.

People's Daily Online: Law keeps 'real-name registration' caged

The best way to keep society stable is to respect citizens’ rights and meet their legitimate demands. Limiting citizens with administrative regulations will only increase tensions.

Global Times: Trust must be regained for real name online registration to work

Of course, even if the government has such an intention, the implementation of the new policy could still be a mess, given the twistable concepts of rumor and libel and the different ways local law enforcement officials can think and operate. Still, things like offering extra protection to people who act as whistleblowers to reveal corruption could help.

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