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Hanlixuan Buffet Barbecue suspended for reprocessing leftovers

(CRI) Updated: 2014-07-29 07:42

A new food scandal has been exposed, this time in Beijing.

The Food and Drug Administration suspended Hanlixuan Buffet Barbecue in Changping District, Beijing, earlier this morning.

Inspectors said 10 members of staff had no health certificates. The shop is also suspected of reprocessing the leftovers and serving them as new dishes to customers.

Raw meat and sliced squid found in the kitchen were without labels or expired.

Prior to the suspension, the scandal was exposed by two journalists from Beijing News on July 23.

Changping Hanlixuan is one of the 180 franchises of Beijing Hanlixuan Restaurant Management Co. Ltd. It also has 28 chain stores in Beijing.

Recently, Shanghai Husi Food Co., Ltd, a meat supplier owned by U.S.-based OSI Group, mixed fresh and expired meat, causing a nationwide meat scandal.

The company dragged many global food brands in, including McDonalds, KFC and Starbucks.

The result of the Hanlixuan inspection is expected to come out soon.

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