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Fan detained for taking drug to watch soccer

By Ma Lie ( Updated: 2014-07-02 17:11

A man in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, who took an illegal drug to stay awake to watch the FIFA World Cup games, has entreated police to shorten his detention term so he can watch the finals, Qianjiang Evening News reported on Wednesday.

The man, surnamed Lyu, is a big fan of soccer and watched the games on television every night. In order to stay alert for the matches, he took the drug in a hotel room, into which he checked in specially to watch the games without disturbing his family.

On June 27, Lyu was caught by police taking heroin in the hotel room and was detained for 15 days from June 29 according to the relevant law.

Lyu begged police to shorten his detention term as he wanted to watch the finals. The police said the detention term could not be shortened but Lyu will be released before the final match kicks off on July 14.

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