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Beijing adds vendors, community workers in anti-terror fight

( Updated: 2014-06-23 12:23

Beijing will further encourage the public to report and provide clues on terrorist activities, and build an extensive counter-terrorism intelligence system that includes vendors and community workers, according to a Beijing Counter-Terrorism Office meeting last week.

So far, a team of around 100,000 people in the city have been included in the system to offer reports and provide clues on terrorist activities and violent crimes to assist the police.

For example, according to an officer in Yuetan area in the city's Xicheng district, 2,400 residence managers in the area are now part of the system, and will report daily to the community on any suspicious behavior. The system will keep a record of their reports, and they can also receive audio notices from the community.

The area also has a group of 603 people consisting of shoe repairmen, vegetable venders, newspaper stand staff and parking lot attendants to assist the police. They can give feedback on security of their surroundings via mobile phone at any time.

Citizens may report clues to police by calling the 110 hotline, going to public security offices, sending e-mails and so on.

The city offers three levels of rewards, depending on the practical effect of the clue, ranging from 1,000 ($160) to 10,000 yuan to people who offer important clues, 20,000 to 30,000 yuan to people who offer significant information and above 40,000 yuan for people offering significant information and contribution.

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