Web crackles with anti-fireworks frenzy

( ) Updated: 2014-01-21 10:43:20

Millions of Internet users have called for a ban on fireworks during this year’s Spring Festival, amid widespread concerns about air pollution.

Web crackles with anti-fireworks frenzy

Residents watch after setting up fireworks as part of Chinese new year celebrations, in central Beijing early Feb 10, 2013. [Photo/Agencies]

An Internet user "Tiffany" said fireworks are a waste of money. Another user "MoMo" suggested decorating with plants for a better environment.


Will you set off some fireworks during Lunar New Year? 

But there are some users who insist fireworks have been a tradition of China's Lunar New Year for thousands of years. They feel the festival will lose its appeal without the sound of firecrackers.

In this year, Beijing increased the supply of environmentally friendly fireworks. Most of these new varieties contain no sulfur and produce less smoke, but are priced slightly higher than conventional ones.

Fang Li, a spokesperson from the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, also urged people to set off fewer fireworks this year.

Beijing plans to ban fireworks and firecracker celebrations if serious air pollution is forecast for during the holiday, which begins on Jan. 31.

The fireworks celebrations in Beijing on Lunar New Year's Eve last year produced 5,000 tons of waste and led to a surge in the PM2.5 reading, which measures hazardous fine particles, to 1,000 micrograms per cubic meter.

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