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  • An image issue

    2013-07-18 15:26

    Chinese officials below county level face an image issue on the Internet, where they are labeled as "being lazy, unorganized, greedy, and arrogant," while in reality they are under immense pressures such as limited promotion opportunities, poor working condition, and a lack of trust among the public, People's Tribune reports, citing a survey of 11,196 people.

  • Frugality campaign cuts spending

    2013-07-18 12:04

    China Comment, a fortnightly magazine by Xinhua News Agency, in its No. 10, 2013 issue reported the progress of implementing the Eight Rules of the Communist Party of China in several provinces, finding that the call for frugality has dramatically reduced the usual extravagance and waste among officials in the past. High-end restaurants saw sales volume down. But people at the grassroot level are worried that this campaign might be just for show and will not last long.

  • 'More trouble by temporary workers'

    2013-07-18 12:04

    China Newsweek in its June 17, 2013 issue leads with a story “More trouble by temporary workers” criticizing what it calls “arrogance and prejudice of public power” after temporary workers repeatedly became the scapegoat in a number of sensational scandals.

  • Chinese President
    Xi Jinping

    2013-07-18 09:27

    President Xi visits Latin America, meets Obama

  • Chinese Premier
    Li Keqiang

    2013-07-18 09:20

    Premier Li Keqiang paid official visits to India, Pakistan, Switzerland and Germany from May 19 to 27.

  • Anti-corruption is breaking point of reform

    2013-07-16 10:39

    Among challenges the Party faces, anti-corruption has the broadest support and is the easiest to address. Therefore, it's the best breaking point of political reform

  • CPC newspaper blasts bureaucracy as 'lingering ghost'

    2013-06-24 12:50

    A flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China in a strong-worded op-ed Monday blasted bureaucracy that haunted some officials long as "lingering ghost."

  • Fighting against corruption

    2013-07-18 09:48

  • Books on 'mass line,' thrift published

    2013-07-01 07:40

    Two books on communist leaders' remarks on the "mass line" and thrift have been published as part of a campaign by the Communist Party of China (CPC) to strengthen ties between Party members and the people.

  • People's Daily stresses stronger ties with masses

    2013-07-01 12:00

    The Communist Party of China (CPC) and its members must always bear in mind that cutting themselves off from the masses is the biggest threat to the ruling party, according to the CPC flagship newspaper People's Daily.

  • Website launched to publicize CPC mass line

    2013-06-20 09:11

    An official website was launched Tuesday to publicize the Communist Party of China's campaign to further ties with the people, or follow the mass line.

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