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  • Premier's trips bear fruit

    2013-12-01 01:09

    Premier Li Keqiang said his trips to Romania and Uzbekistan, where he attended two multilateral meetings, were fruitful and pushed forward China's opening-up toward Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

  • Premier calls for better links

    2013-11-30 00:42

    Premier Li Keqiang called for improved connectivity among members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, to promote regional integration.

  • Pacts to boost economic cooperation

    2013-11-29 01:00

    A series of agreements that aim to improve regional connectivity, economic ties and security co-op among SCO members are expected to be signed Friday.

  • Li eyes deepened ties with Romania

    2013-11-28 08:04

    Visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday made a four-point proposal to step up the comprehensive, friendly and cooperative partnership between China and Romania.

  • Li's diplomatic prowess clinches early deals

    2013-11-28 00:38

    Since he took office in March, Premier Li Keqiang has been on a whirlwind tour of overseas visits. With each stop, Li has shown a determined brand of economic diplomacy to secure key international deals for China.

  • Premier carries hectic schedule

    2013-11-28 00:32

    The start of Premier Li Keqiang's first tour to Central and Eastern Europe has impressed the global media with its hectic schedule.

  • Interaction with Europe

    2013-11-27 06:39

    Premier Li Keqiang's ongoing visit to Central and Eastern European countries will deepen China's relations with the entire continent.

  • Railway pact would put relations on fast track

    2013-11-27 07:32

    China and Central and Eastern European countries are considering building a new international railway artery linking the regions,

  • Li promotes joint infrastructure projects

    2013-11-27 00:58

    Premier Li Keqiang invited leaders from CEE countries to see an exhibition featuring Chinese equipment.

  • Li makes proposals on deepening ties

    2013-11-27 04:49

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made a six-point proposal Tuesday on deepening cooperation with Central and Eastern European (CEE) nations.

  • Region urged to relax visa process

    2013-11-26 09:02

    Tourism authorities in Central and Eastern European nations are urged to facilitate visa application procedures if they want to attract more Chinese travelers.

  • China, Romania seal deals

    2013-11-26 00:51

    Romania is planning to build a high-speed railway using Chinese technology, the two countries announced on Monday.

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