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The 18th CPC Central Committee, composed of more than 200 senior Party officials, will convene its third plenum from November 9 to 12 to discuss major economic and social issues concerning comprehensive reform.

  • China to allow private capital to set up banks: CPC document

    2013-11-15 19:17

    China will open up the banking sector wider by allowing qualified private capital to set up small- and medium-sized banks, said a key CPC decision.

  • China to ease family planning policy

    2013-11-15 19:22

    China will loosen its decades-long family planning population policy, allowing couples to have two children if one of them is an only child, according to a key CPC decision issued on Friday.

  • China to hone income distribution: CPC decision

    2013-11-15 20:01

    China will enhance regulation of income secondary distribution through taxation, according to a key CPC document publicized on Friday.

  • Birth policy changes, light impact

    2013-11-16 17:41

    A senior official of China's family planning authority said that the easing of birth policy will not put much pressure on food supplies or public services.

  • Rural reform, step by step

    2013-11-16 21:17

    Like many migrant workers, Huang Ying, 45, has scant interest in the outcome of China's top-level reform meeting, but when told about possible changes concerning her land in the countryside, she knows what's in her best interest.

  • End of laojiao to take time

    2013-11-18 01:08

    Although the Party has decided to abolish the controversial laojiao system, the official end of the system can come no earlier than late December.

  • Setting up security committee a pressing task

    2013-11-16 03:18

    The planned State Security Committee will serve as a strong platform to coordinate work related to national security and will handle domestic and foreign security challenges.

  • Road map unveiled for profound reform

    2013-11-16 01:48

    The Party on Friday promised to push forward with profound reforms in coming years, stressing the rule of law is a necessity to achieve prosperity.

  • Leadership charts path

    2013-11-13 02:03

    China is to commission a specialized high-level group to design and coordinate the country's "great revolution" of reform and opening-up.

  • China to establish modern financial system: communique

    2013-11-12 20:20

    A modern financial system that supports the initiative of both central and local authorities should be set up, a communique issued Tuesday after a key meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC) said.

  • Financial reform 'key move'

    2013-11-12 02:48

    That Premier Li Keqiang compared China's financial reform to "a key move of a chess piece to revitalize the whole game of the Chinese economy" exemplifies the reform's significance to the Chinese economy.

  • SOE reforms to be launched after plenum

    2013-11-11 00:23

    Major steps to reform State-owned enterprises will be taken after the four-day Third Plenum of the Communist Party of China's 18th Central Committee.

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