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Defense Ministry accuses US of double standards on cyberhacking

Updated: 2013-11-07 22:17
By Zhou Wa (

The Ministry of National Defense on Thursday criticized institutions and people from the United States for exhibiting double standards in cybersecurity, saying such behavior harms the peace and security of cyberspace.

The ministry said in an exclusive statement to China Daily that the US is simultaneously pursuing its selfish interests through the misuse of advanced information technologies while making groundless accusations against other countries relating to the same technologies.

The ministry said that such behavior undermines peace and security on the Internet.

The official statement came in response to a Reuters article on Wednesday that repeated claims that "a secretive Chinese military unit" has been conducting cyberattacks against companies in the US and other Western nations.

Cybersecurity company Mandiant said in February that a People's Liberation Army unit in Shanghai is probably responsible for hacking attacks conducted against a wide range of industries, a claim that was denied by the ministry.

According to the Reuters report, the US-China Economic and Security Commission, a panel that advises the US Congress on China policy, said that Mandiant's revelations brought only a brief pause in cyberintrusions by that PLA unit.

However, it has not offered any hard evidence on the source of the hacking activities.

"We have noticed the relevant report. Without any tangible proof, the statements of the institution and people are entirely groundless and irresponsible," said the ministry.

"China's law forbids hacking attacks and any other practices that threaten cybersecurity. The Chinese military has never supported any hacking attacks," the ministry added.

As it launches allegations of hacking against China, the US government continues to suffer from a cyberscandal of its own.

According to former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, the US has hacked into hundreds of civilian and official targets in countries around the world, including in China, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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