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China wants objective media reports on terror

Updated: 2013-11-04 21:36
( Xinhua)

BEIJING - Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei called for objective and fair reporting of terrorist activity like the October 28 car crash in Tian'anmen Square, on Monday.

Hong had been asked to comment on reports in western media, including CNN's questioning of the characterization of the crash, criticism of China's ethnic and religious policy and expressions of sympathy for the terrorists in the event.

Police on Wednesday identified the crash at Tian'anmen Square as a terror attack. Three people in the vehicle and two tourists, including one from the Philippines, were killed and 38 others were injured.

The attack was "carefully planned, organized and premeditated," police said.

Hong reiterated that the Chinese government protects the rights of people of all ethnic groups, including freedom of religious belief in accordance with law.

China firmly opposes and deals harshly with any form of terrorism, opposes anyone carrying out or supporting terror, and opposes double standards on terrorism.

Violence by a very small group of extremists against innocent civilians and tourists has been linked by some with China's national and religious policy, or even be used as an excuse to attack China's ethnic and religious policies, he said, voicing strong dissatisfaction over tolerance for terrorists.

Terror is a crime against humanity, society and civilization, Hong said, and anyone with a conscience should condemn it.

He hoped the media could tell right from wrong and report news with a fair and objective attitude.