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Chinese fleet reaches destination for exercises

Updated: 2013-10-24 21:26
( Xinhua)

ABOARD GUANGZHOU - A flotilla attached to China's Nanhai Fleet reached its destination in the West Pacific Ocean on Thursday for an open sea combat drill, according to sources with the People's Liberation Army.

The team will connect other formations and aircraft from the Beihai and Donghai Fleets for the drill, which has objectives in honing coordination of ships and aircraft, integrated defense and use of information technology.

During the voyage, the fleet has battered strong winds and six meter waves of Typhoon Francisco.

"We can't choose the weather for future combat, but powerful winds and waves help personnel sharpen their skills and willpower, " said Wang Xianjun, vice captain of the naval vessel "Guangzhou."

Weather forecasts show that the typhoon will move northeast, reducing its impact on the area.

The exercise marks the first open sea drill in which maritime and air forces of all China's three fleets will participate.