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Nestlé supports breastfeeding and cares C-section breastfeeding

Updated: 2013-08-01 15:29

On the occasion of the "World Breastfeeding Week 2013", Nestlé and the Maternity and Children Nutrition Branch of the China Nutrition Society co-organized the "Let Every Infant Receive Protection of Breast Feeding—Advanced in Breast Feeding" conference.

Among the conference attendees were Professor Yang Xiaoguang, Vice Chairmen of the China Nutrition Society; Professor Su Yixiang, Chairwoman of the Maternity and Children Nutrition Branch of the China Nutrition Society; Professor Yang Huixia, Chairwoman of the Perinatal Medicine Society of China Medicine Association as well as Director of the OG Department of 1st Hospital of Peking University; and Professor Wang Peiyu, College of Public Health, Peking University. At the conference, the experts discussed topics such as "Advance in Breast feeding and its importance", as well as "Report on Chinese Breast Milk Composition Analyze".

Good nutrition in early stages of infancy is the foundation to maintaining physical growth, intelligence development and the establishment of immune system. Recent studies have demonstrated that exclusive breast feeding have preventive effect on many childhood diseases, especially for allergic diseases (ectopic dermatitis etc.).

In China, C-section has become increasingly popular with a relatively advanced technical level. Research has shown that, caesarean infants are susceptible to a higher risk of sensitization and allergies. Compared with natural labor, caesarean also postponed the planting of gut floras for newborns.

By contrast, breast feeding has distinct advantages for earlier planting of gut floras Breast milk can provides the optimum nutrients both quantitatively and qualitatively, and recent research has revealed that breast milk is equipped with probiotics and that in the body of totally breast-fed infants, bifidobacterium and lactobacilli account for over 90% of the overall colon flora, which play an important role in the development of the immune system of the newborns and in protecting them from intestinal infections and allergies. As a result, the support and promotion of breastfeeding is the principal solution to secure infants' health especially c-section infants. When breast milk is not enough or unavailable, parents should follow professional advice from healthcare professionals.

Breast milk is the most ideal and natural food offered by their moms, not only because it enhances infant immunity by keeping a balance between food and nutrition, but also because breastfeeding is the most important emotional communication to make the baby feel mother's love and care.

Recent research has demonstrated that the contents of protein, fat and minerals found in breast milk vary from period to period, which can meet growing baby's needs at different stages. Breast milk's nutrients are suitable for babies' digestive as well as growth because they are easy to be absorbed by babies and high the utilization of nutrients of breast milk.

To fully understand the breast milk compositions of Chinese Mothers, with the support from Nestlé R&D Centre and the Nestlé Nutrition Institution, College of Public Health of Peking University, conducted an study of characterizes the nutrients composition of Chinese healthy mother milk at various stages; shows that components of nutrients in breast milk from healthy Chinese mothers varied depending on lactating as well as infant's development at various stages, for example, the percentage of protein, lactose, fat, as well as minerals change gradually. The study also shows that the mother's health, the types, frequencies of food intake nutrients intake and so on, has short and long term effect on the nutrients components of breast milk. This research result will be used as a reference in future maternal & infant nutrition research and infant food research as well as feeding pattern.

"Nestlé always and fully supports and promotes breastfeeding, and agrees with and fully abides by as well as and Sales Regulations of Breast Milk Substitute Products of China," said Mr. Lawrence Li, Medical Director of Nestlé Great China Region "Breast milk is the best food for infant at the 1st 6 months, and it is also the best nutrition source for the infant's physical, intellectual and immune system's growth. In order to encourage mothers to continue breastfeeding after maternity leave, Nestlé has established a special "breastfeeding room" inside the office and 25 hospitals nationwide.

The breastfeeding facilities not only provide a private and comfortable environment for mothers to breastfeed their babies and express milk, they have also become an education center for pregnant women and mothers to get education material. Faced with the challenges presented by the complicated situation of mother, the cause of promoting breastfeeding requires strong cooperation from every aspect of our society. Nestlé Nutrition business unit is committed to the development of the nutrition and health conditions of pregnant women, infants and children,, and will always stick to its credo of "Science for better nutrition" in order to contribute our efforts for breastfeeding revival and promotion."