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Beijing to bring more 'green' taxis onto roads

Updated: 2013-05-31 16:31

Beijing has rolled out new policies to improve the taxi service amid complaints over the difficulty of being able to get a taxi, especially during rush hours.

A total of 200 taxis powered by natural gas have been put on trial, said the Beijing Gas Group Co. Another 400 taxis are expected to hit the road in mid June to ease the traffic stress caused by the ongoing International Garden Expo. By the end of July, the number of such taxis will rise to 2,000, helping reduce auto emissions and air pollution.

The company is planning to establish more than 70 compressed gas stations to facilitate these taxis. Drivers can switch between compressed natural gas and oil as a fuel, said the company.

Starting on Saturday, all taxi stands that used to charge taxi drivers for waiting to pick up a fare (such as at railway stations and the airport) will be made free in order to make the taxi service work more smoothly for passengers.