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Chinese premier urges deepening reform for anti-corruption

Updated: 2013-03-26 21:44
( Xinhua)

BEIJING - Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday said corruption should be prevented by deepening related reforms.

Li made the remarks at the first anti-corruption work conference held by China's cabinet.

The government should accelerate reform in marketization of public resource trade and improve related rules and legal systems to restrain government power, Li said.

Li said the government will transform government functions and delegate power to lower levels of government in order to activate social vigor and creativity.

"The government should not do the work that is supposed to be done by the market. That would be a weakening or even a dereliction of government duties," Li said.

Li said China will deepen its anti-corruption efforts by improving the mechanism used to control power, money and government officials.

Li said the cabinet must focus on building a government that is innovation-oriented and clean, as well as features the rule of law.

Describing the cleanup efforts as a crucial task, he said a failure to curb and effectively address corruption will cause the government to lose credibility and public support.


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