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Mao's annotations of classic text published

Updated: 2013-03-21 14:19
( Xinhua)

BEIJING - China has published late Chairman Mao Zedong's annotations and comments on the "Twenty-Four Histories," recognized as the most authoritative works of Chinese history.

The new collection, released on Wednesday, records photo print versions of Mao's annotations and comments on the books, as well as historical remarks from letters, speeches, private conversations and his annotations on other ancient works, according to China's Central Archives.

Mao's analysis on ancient Chinese emperors, historical figures, academic classics and literary works is also published in the collection.

"Mao's annotations and comments on the book were precious spiritual fortunes that he left for later generations, and they have provided good study and research materials for scholars," said Yang Dongquan, curator of the archives.

The collection, with a total of 91 volumes, is published by the Beijing Yanshan Press and the Chinese Literature and History Press.

The "Twenty-Four Histories," 470-million-word biographical records of China up to the Ming Dynasty (1644-1911), was translated from classical language to modern Chinese in 2004.

The latest edition, with more than 600 million Chinese characters, is the first complete translation of the "Twenty-Four Histories" into modern Chinese.