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Hong Kong's import, export volumes up in Jan

Updated: 2013-03-15 14:53
( Xinhua)

HONG KONG -- Hong Kong's total goods exports' volume rose 17.4 percent in January compared with the same period last year, and imports' volume rose 24 percent, the city's Census & Statistics Department said Thursday.

Breaking down to details, Hong Kong's goods re-exports' volume rose 17.4 percent in January, while that of domestic exports rose 16.9 percent,

The price of Hong Kong's goods re-exports rose 0.3 percent in January year-on-year, while that of domestic exports increased 4.4 percent. Taken together, the price of total exports rose 0.4 percent and imports' prices was 1 percent higher.

Comparing the three-month period ending January 2013 with the preceding three months on a seasonally adjusted basis, total goods exports' volume increased 8.7 percent. Within this total, re- exports' volume rose 8.9 percent, while that of domestic exports fell 3.3 percent. Imports' volume rose 4.8 percent.