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Police claim hukou transfer was legal

Updated: 2013-01-30 18:34

Beijing police said on Tuesday that a woman who transferred her hukou from Shanxi to the capital did so legally.

According to a statement released by Beijing police, Shanxi native Zhang Yan obtained Beijing hukou, a type of residence permit, in 2006 because in 2005 she invested in an apartment in Yangzhen township, in Beijing's Shunyi district. In 2012, she transferred her hukou to Beijing's Haidian district.

The policy of issuing hukou to investors in rural and satellite towns was implemented in 1995 and invalidated around 2005.

Zhang's hukou status came to light when netizens accused her of having two hukou, one in Shanxi and another in Beijing, which is illegal according to Chinese regulations. Her father-in-law, an official in Shanxi's Yuncheng city, purchased more then 10 houses in Beijing and Hainan province.

Beijing Public Security Bureau said on its micro blog that they launched investigation and found the transfer process of Zhang Yan's hukou was legal.