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2 caught in fake train ticket scam

Updated: 2013-01-25 16:55

Railway police caught two suspects alleged to have produced and sold fake train tickets, and confiscated 680 fake tickets with a face value of more than 150,000 yuan ($24,000), the New Express reported on Friday.

Police said more than 600 college students in Hainan province bought fake train tickets from the two suspects.

One student asked railway police on Jan 17 to identify five train tickets bought online. All were fake.

The student said he bought the tickets from a man he met on the QQ instant messenger service. The man said he had connections with railway authorities and could buy discounted rail tickets.

The student said he paid the man 48,800 yuan as a down payment for 437 tickets in December, and received these tickets through the mail on Jan 7.

Another 200 students from a different university in Hainan province also bought false tickets from the man.

The suspect surrendered to police. He confessed to buying the fake tickets from a woman who posted an advertisement online.

Police caught the woman in Wuhan, Hubei province, on Jan 20. Investigations are continuing.

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