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Neighborhood dispute prompts graft claim

By Hu Meidong and Sun Li in Fuzhou (China Daily) Updated: 2013-01-15 01:46

China's top securities regulator has launched an investigation into a senior official in East China's Fujian province after online allegations suggested that she owns 16 houses.

Tian Liqin, the Fujian Securities Regulatory Bureau's former deputy head, is now being probed by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the bureau confirmed to China Daily on Monday.

Tian was pushed into the spotlight after a post surfaced on the Internet alleging she has 16 properties totaling 50 million yuan ($8 million) — well beyond her income level.

The post was written by Chen Xiuping, a resident in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province.

Chen alleged that Tian owns 14 apartments —13 in Fuzhou and one in Shanghai, a store and an underground parking space in Fuzhou. She referred to Tian as "Fuzhou's most wealthy bureau deputy head".

Of the 16 properties, three are in the name of Tian's husband, seven are in the name of her son, three are jointly owned by Tian and her husband and the other is in Tian's name, the post said.

Chen, a neighbor of Tian's parents, said she could not endure the way Tian's family members handled a neighborhood dispute.

Tian's parents demanded Chen demolish a laundry sink Chen built last year outside the first floor of the residential building, she said, insisting the sink was built against regulations.

She claimed they smashed flower pots outside her apartment after Chen refused to demolish the sink.

Chen said she acquired all the information through Tian's relatives who live in the same residential compound with her.

"I just frequently chatted with them to gather what I wanted to know," Chen said in a phone interview with China Daily on Monday.

Denying the allegations, Tian said in an earlier interview with website that she is open to inspection.

"The accusations resulted from a personal grudge," Tian was quoted saying. "Not all house purchases by government officials are corrupt behavior. It requires solid evidence to prove corruption. I will cooperate with the authorities."

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