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  • Iowan family touched by Xi's return visit

    2012-02-17 15:14

    MAXWELL, Iowa - Sitting by a fireplace in the Kimberley family's living room 40 miles northeast of Des Moines, Vice-President Xi Jinping chatted with the Iowan family about life on their farm.

  • Kobe raises profile of Mandarin exchanges

    2012-02-17 15:14

    LOS ANGELES - Kobe Bryant, the basketball superstar with the Los Angeles Lakers, spent his Thursday afternoon with 10 visiting children from China and their American peers at Gertz-Ressler High School, which since 2010 has had a Mandarin cultural exchange program that Bryant initiated.

  • Iowa sees jump in enrollment of Chinese students

    2012-02-17 07:28

    Following a nationwide trend, Iowa's universities have seen a rapid surge of enrollment by Chinese students in the past few years.

  • Chinese VP starts visit to US state of Iowa

    2012-02-16 11:27

    Vice-President Xi Jinping arrived Wednesday night in Des Moines, capital of the state Iowa, on the second leg of his official visit to the United States.

  • Iowa to give VP a warm welcome

    2012-02-15 15:40

    The second leg of Vice-President Xi Jinping's trip will be Iowa where he visited 27 years ago when he was a Party official in Hebei province.

  • Xi helps American dreams come true

    2012-02-15 08:47

    Former official Chu Yanli was confused - she had never before been asked to receive a civilian guest from the United States.

  • Chinese students flock to Iowa

    2012-02-14 15:28

    Iowa's universities have experienced a rapid surge in enrollment by Chinese students in the past few years, officials report.

  • Chinese language in US is increasing

    2012-02-14 07:42

    The assistant principal for foreign languages at the Medgar Evers College Preparatory School had all the data at her fingertips before responding to questions.

  • People-to-people exchanges take step forward

    2012-02-14 07:48

    China is ready to work with the United States to advance people-to-people exchanges, Education Minister Yuan Guiren said.

  • Chinese language presence in US increasing

    2012-02-13 16:28

    “Spanish is the No 1 foreign language offered in the schools across the country, French is second and Chinese is third – but growing exponentially.”

  • Sino-US exchanges to be advanced

    2012-02-12 14:56

    China is ready to work with the United States to advance people-to-people exchange between the two peoples.

  • US simplifies visa applications

    2012-02-10 09:36

    Qualified non-immigrant Chinese applicants to US can renew their visas without undergoing another interview if their visas expired less than 48 months ago

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