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Shanghai residents satisfied with local govt:study

( Updated: 2012-12-28 20:36

Shanghai residents graded their government 82.2 out of 100 points for what it did in 2012, according to a study released by the city.

The score was reached through public evaluations online, comments from representatives of the Shanghai people's congress and Shanghai people's political consultative conference, and via a survey done by the city's statistical bureau, said Xu Wei, a spokesman for the Shanghai municipal government.

Shanghai's local government finished refitting more than 1,500 fire extinguishers at residential high-rises and old communities this year in the wake of a deadly fire at a 30-storey downtown apartment building that killed 58 people on Nov 15, 2010.

Fire extinguishers were distributed to 726 buildings older than 20 years across Shanghai. Meanwhile, fire evacuation drills were held in the city's 8,487 residential areas.

The fire extinguisher project was at the top of the city government's agenda for 2012, which also included food safety improvements and the construction of more educational facilities.

The local government also built 40 new kindergartens and 26 senior day-care centers this year.

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