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Much ado about nothing at McDonald’s

Updated: 2012-08-22 18:21
By Li Wenfang in Guangzhou (

A customer at a McDonald’s found his burger so spicy that police were called in to put out the flames.

The man had ordered a McCrispy Chicken Burger in Guangzhou on Saturday, and then asked a restaurant manager why the burger was spicy, since a previous burger he had eaten was not spicy, the Yangcheng Evening News reported.

The manager explained that the burger had always been spicy and offered to exchange it for a non-spicy one. The man refused and asked the manager to try the burger he had ordered.

After the manager refused, the man called police.

Two officers came and asked the customer to calm down.

The man left the restaurant after his burger was changed with a non-spicy Premium Grilled Chicken Burger.

It was not reported whether police tried the burger, or stayed to order a meal themselves.

After the story hit the micro blogs, some netizens joked that they might call police because there is too much ice in their coke, the ice cream is too sweet or the French fries too salty. Others called the man’s actions an abuse of the police force.