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Beijing pipes inspected after fatal accident

Beijing pipes inspected after fatal accident

Updated: 2012-04-10 17:04

By Cao Yin (

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Beijing's Xicheng district and the Beijing District Heating Group are inspecting underground water pipes ahead of schedule across the city following a fatal accident on April 1.

Yang Erjing, 27, died on Monday after suffering severe burns over 99 percent of her body. She fell into 90 C water leaking from underground pipes when a section of pavement collapsed under her on Beilishi Road.

Beijing District Heating Group spokesman Zhang Chuandong told China Daily on Tuesday that the investigation into the accident is ongoing.

In the meantime, he said, the city is conducting inspections of underground pipes.

"Some pipes are in danger (of leaking) after providing heat this past winter. Our workers will inspect them ahead of schedule to prevent similar tragedies," he said.

Yang, a clothing store manager and mother of a 7 month-old baby was in a deep coma at Jishuitan Hospital before she died on Monday, according to the district government's website.

The investigation launched by the district's work safety bureau has yet to identify who is responsible for the accident.

In an April 4 interview with China Daily, Zhang had said that maintenance of the underground pipes involved in the accident were likely the responsibility of Wuhua Mansion, an office building near the scene of the tragedy.

A Wuhua Mansion spokesman denied responsibility, saying that the pipes are under a city street and therefore out of their area of management.

On April 6, a city emergency repair team repaired the broken pipes and hole in the pavement. They also replaced 78 meters of pipes in that area, according to the Beijing District Heating Group.