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A marriage faked in Photoshop

A marriage faked in Photoshop

Updated: 2012-04-05 14:07


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The rising cost of wedding photography is pushing a couple to use online websites that manipulate ordinary cell phone snaps into fake images for their marriage photo album, Chongqing Morning News reports.

Instead of paying several thousand yuan for a professional photo shoot, a soon-to-be bride is asking professionals to fake their wedding photos with cell phone images.

The software used, like Photoshop, takes an ordinary photo of the couple and can add wedding dresses, flowers or even a tropical island setting to create faux wedding images.

Bride-to-be He Wen discovered the service from friends after worrying about the cost of photos taken in a studio.

"The cost of a wedding shoot in a studio is normally 5,000 to 6,000 yuan, but I only paid around 300 yuan online to make my wedding photos. The money I saved up was enough for me to buy a photo frame," she said.

He Wen sent several pictures taken by cell phone to a online PS service provider. "It is a surprise to see the pictures," she said. "They are very professional, even better than studio photography," she added.

The website is one of a number of online platform that offers bids of PS and design services and more than 8,000 orders worth 420,000 yuan ($66,580) have been signed since last year.

Online tutorials in creating wedding images in Photoshop can also be found online.

In China, as opposed to the West, most couples will have their wedding photos taken ahead of the actual day they marry.