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Special doctor-patient marriage 14 years old

Special doctor-patient marriage 14 years old

Updated: 2012-03-27 19:46


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A rural doctor in Shexian county, Anhui province, and a paralyzed woman he promised to marry in order to save her life, have just marked their 14 years of life together.

Fang Huisheng, 44, a doctor in Qizili township, began to treat villager Xiao Mei, who was paralyzed by rheumatoid arthritis, in 1996.

Xiao Mei had tried several times to commit suicide but was saved by her family, according to Market Star Daily.

One day when she tried again, Fang was bringing Chinese herbs to her house and was able to stop her. He encouraged her to fight her disease and made a special promise to her, the paper reported.

"Believe me, I will try my best to cure your disease, and if I fail, I will marry you and take care of you forever," Fang told her.

From that day on Fang looked after Xiao Mei. In 1998, they were married. Although they live in poverty, their love has lasted for 14 years.