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Nearly 60% Hunan divorces filed by women

Nearly 60% Hunan divorces filed by women

Updated: 2012-03-27 14:50


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More than half of all divorce cases in central China's Hunan province are initiated by women, according to a report published by the local women's federation and statistic bureau.

The figures show 57.1 percent of all divorces filed in the province were commenced by the woman in the relationship.

"People take a much more open-minded attitude towards the divorced women than before," said Fang Xiangxin, assistant dean of Hunan Academy of Social Sciences.

The report also shows 34.2 percent of married women own their property or jointly with their husbands. And over 70 percent of women aged from 18 to 64 participated in home-making decisions like family expenditures, investments, loans, and house purchases.

But it is clear from the survey of 2991 respondents in 200 villiages of 40 counties that some women still suffer problems in married life.

In one case study, a woman who used the alias of Hong Yan, asked for a divorce after she discovered her husband brought his mistress to their home.

Hong also said her husband stayed away from their home for most of a year, and when at home indulged in gambling. She tried to maintain their marriage for the sake of their daughter, but now she prefers to pay her husband a break-up fee and his accommodation costs, rather than remain with him any longer.

Break-up fees are private financial arrangements usually made between divorcing couples.