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Singer failed battle with depression

Singer failed battle with depression

Updated: 2012-03-23 17:16


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Singer Chen Lin jumped from a building and died on Oct 31, 2009, the birthday of her ex-husband Shen Yongge.

Singer failed battle with depression

Singer Chen Lin 

Chen Lin was eager to do well in everything. “In 2003, she worked too hard, beyond imagination, and later she threw up blood and was hospitalized. After being discharged from the hospital, she didn't rest long before she was devoted to work again," her friend Liu Zhenhao recalled.

"She had much pressure due to bad health. She was worried that she could not perform again. Also she began to doubt her husband Shen's affection," said another friend Liang Mang.

"She believed her second marriage was not as perfect as she expected. When we were together, she often said she lost control over life. I encouraged her to walk out. She said she had no strength anymore. She was in no state to work and could not perform anymore due to bad health," said her friend Xiao Mei.

Chen was optimistic, strong-minded, and passionate about music and pure love according to friends. Despite her hard battle with the blues, her strong character didn't help her out, and she failed.