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Singer shares his experience with depression

Singer shares his experience with depression

Updated: 2012-03-23 17:01


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Yang Kun, Chinse pop singer, suffered from the blues for five years, starting in 2005.

Singer shares his experience with depression

Singer Yang Kun  

"I didn't feel happy at all and lost the drive for life during that period," he said. "I didn't want to see anyone because of anxiety. I often became absent-minded when talking with others. I was here but my mind went away," he told Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV on March 8, 2012.

He explained the symptoms as follows: feeling faint, burning all over, heart palpitations, weak body and fading memory. All these began in 2005.

That year, a few important things happened to him: severed ties with his old company, chose a new company, problems in personal life… so many hard choices and no good way out made his body collapse.

Though he felt uncomfortable, doctors could not tell why. "I was told to see doctors in the neurology department. This is bad because people may think you have a mental disorder. After an overall examination, they told me nothing was wrong with me," said Yang.

Later he went to see a French doctor in Hong Kong, who gave him a written test with many questions and he was diagnosed as having moderate depression.

Yang also shared his own experience in fighting the blues: enjoy sunshine, take medicine, and exercise every day. After five years' battle, he finally succeeded.

"Some may give up the fight. I'm really happy that I continued work during that time. Work is most reliable," he added.