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Consumer put off by four-legged frozen chicken

Consumer put off by four-legged frozen chicken

Updated: 2012-03-22 15:37

By Zhao Ruixue (

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When Tian Xiaoying opened a package of frozen chicken she bought at a supermarket in Changsha, Hunan's provincial capital, on March 19, she was astonished to find that the chicken had four legs, according to Xiaoxiang Morning Post.

"I dare not eat that chicken," Tian told the newspaper, indicating she will throw it away.

However, Professor Li Anping of Central South University of Forestry and Technology said the chicken is harmless and edible, the paper said.

"The chicken embryo may have been affected by different kinds of factors such as radioactivity, and developed a deformation," Li explained.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post reported that it has not been able to trace the source of the chicken, and both the supermarket and the supplier need to investigate further.

Last September, Changsha launched a campaign to ensure the quality of meat. Consumers can log on to an online network to get information on meat they have purchased, such as the source of the meat, the disinfectant used, and the supplier's ID number.