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Full Text: Work report of NPC Standing Committee

Full Text: Work report of NPC Standing Committee

Updated: 2012-03-18 14:04


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2. We need to make greater use of the characteristics and advantages of the system of people's congresses.

In China, the system of people's congresses is the fundamental way and highest form in which the people serve as masters of the country. It is also the best way in which the Party can give full play to democracy and implement the mass line in exercising state power, and it has tremendous vitality and huge advantages.

To successfully uphold and improve the system of people's congresses, we must do the following: first, make use of the political advantage of having the CPC as the firm leadership core of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, ensure that the positions of the Party become the will of the state through legally established procedures, and provide institutional and legal guarantees that the line, policies, and principles of the Party are implemented; second, make use of the institutional advantage that all power of the state belongs to the people, ensure that the people perform their powers of managing state affairs through people's congresses at all levels, mobilize all the people to dedicate themselves to reform, opening up and socialist modernization as masters of the country, and successfully fulfill, safeguard and develop the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people; and third, make use of the institutional advantage of democratic centralism, uphold the role of people's congresses in exercising state power in a unified way, oversee and support governments, people's courts and people's procuratorates in carrying out their duties and powers in accordance with the law, and guarantee that the operations of all state organs are coordinated and efficient and that the state organizes the implementation of all undertakings in a unified and effective way, so as to get organs of state power to better play their important role in the political life of the country.