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Auto manufacturers urged to reduce emissions

[2015-03-09 07:55]

Chinese auto manufacturers are being urged to reduce their vehicles' emissions to meet the country's new standards.

China takes further action on vehicle emissions

[2015-03-06 16:18]

Chinese auto manufacturers will need to reduce their vehicles' emissions to meet the new emission standards in the country.

Upgraded emissions standard applied in Guangdong Pearl River Delta

[2015-03-03 16:42]

Guangdong province upgraded their emissions standards to the National V standard for light vehicles in the capital city Guangzhou and other eight adjacent cities on March 1.

Beijing may cut parking fees for new energy cars

[2015-03-01 09:48]

Beijing has released its clean air action plan for this year saying it will go all out to launch a differential parking fee by March. The government will also issue policies soon to reduce parking and toll fees for new energy cars.

Cut-price parallel-imported vehicles could curb hefty price

[2015-02-16 10:23]

Cut-price parallel-import cars are available to order a month after China gave the green light for cars directly imported from manufacturers to be sold by independent dealers.

Cheaper scheme launched for imported cars

[2015-02-11 10:50]

China launched a parallel import scheme for cars on Tuesday, a move expected to help bring down prices of luxury cars.

With parallel import scheme, China aims to rein in luxury car prices

[2015-02-05 07:42]

China is taking aim again at foreign luxury car makers by allowing unauthorised dealers to sell imported cars in a move to rein in prices.

China to announce new support for new energy cars

[2015-01-14 09:30]

China will create a favorable environment to foster quicker growth in the new-energy vehicle sector through fiscal policy.

Shanghai starts its "parallel import" pilot for foreign cars

[2015-01-12 16:59]

Shanghai Free Trade Zone is to become the first place in China where dealers can be authorized for so-called "parallel imports" of cars direct from manufacturers.

Ministry says no to private drivers in app taxi services

[2015-01-12 16:58]

China's Ministry of Transport has said that Uber-like taxi services cannot use private car owners because of concerns about passenger safety and security.

Shanghai FTZ pilots parallel imports of cars

[2015-01-08 08:11]

China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) on Wednesday launched a pilot program on parallel imports of cars, which allows dealers to purchase cars directly from abroad.

Antitrust law may reshape vehicle sector

[2015-01-06 07:50]

PwC and Strategy's new survey of vehicle industry experts sheds light on the expected impact of antitrust law enforcement on the automotive value chain in 2015 and beyond.

Be careful 'legalizing' car bans

[2014-12-31 10:52]

The abrupt car purchasing restriction announced in Shenzhen on Monday left many residents startled in the southern metropolis.

China plans to extend green vehicle subsidies until 2020

[2014-12-30 14:23]

China will extend subsidies for new energy "green" vehicles to 2020, extending the current incentive program which expires at the end of 2015.

Shenzhen restricts car purchases to ease congestion

[2014-12-30 10:01]

Authorities in Shenzhen announced a car purchasing restriction requiring prospective buyers to acquire new car plates by lottery or auction on Monday.

Regulator seeks more details on VW recall

[2014-11-04 08:16]

China's quality regulator asked Volkswagen AG to provide technical documents for its recall of almost 600,000 vehicles.

Promoting new-energies benefits automakers

[2014-10-23 17:04]

China's push for new-energy cars in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province would benefit the related companies in this industry, said a researcher quoted by the Securities Daily Thursday.

Jump-start for new-energy vehicles

[2014-10-13 11:33]

At least 30 percent of public transport and logistics vehicles in cities with well-developed infrastructure should be new-energy cars, buses and trucks by 2020.

International automakers penalized for price fixing

[2014-09-12 07:40]

Chinese regulators handed down hefty fines to two multinational automakers for price-fixing. FAW-Volkswagen Sales was fined 248.5 million yuan by the Hubei Bureau of Price Supervision.

Electric car subsidies to end by 2020

[2014-09-11 17:55]

With the Chinese electric vehicle industry stepping tentatively into the competitive market, subsidies for electric car buyers will cease by the end of 2020.