Business / Auto Policy

Electric-car buyers to get tax exemption

[2014-07-10 07:24]

The government is to waive the auto-purchase tax for new-energy vehicles - all electric cars, plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles – as part of expanded measures to boost sales.

China to ditch dirty vehicles

[2014-06-11 10:11]

China plans to remove 6 million high-emission vehicles off the road this year to reduce pollution, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said on Tuesday.

China to take 5 million old cars off road in 2014

[2014-05-26 16:00]

China plans to take more than 5 million ageing vehicles off its roads this year in a bid to improve air quality, with 330,000 cars set to be decommissioned in Beijing alone.

Odd-even car ban to ease Tianjin pollution

[2014-05-20 09:33]

Tianjin will soon control traffic with odd-even emergency response program to deal with serious air pollution.

Report: Government considering tax cut for imported electric cars

[2014-05-19 10:42]

Though details are currently still under consideration, the Chinese government is considering lowering the tax on imported electric vehicles.

New rules to guide vehicle inspection

[2014-05-17 17:19]

China's inspection institutions have proposed new rules on vehicle inspection to regulate the work, the Ministry of Public Security of People's Republic of China (MPS) said on Friday.

China to streamline vehicle safety inspections

[2014-05-17 11:20]

New cars will be exempted from safety inspections for six years after they are registered for use, according to a new guideline unveiled on Friday to streamline vehicle safety procedures.

Struggle to meet new-energy goals

[2014-05-12 08:31]

The national campaign of developing energy-saving and new-energy vehicles will remain unchanged and so will the priority for electric vehicles.

Nanjing sees rush to buy cars amid rumors of quota

[2014-05-05 07:30]

Nanjing has seen a rash of car purchases because of residents fears that a car-purchase limit policy similar to Beijing's and Hangzhou's is on the way.

Hangzhou: New plate restrictions

[2014-03-31 10:59]

With just a day's warning, the city government of Hangzhou implemented a vehicle restriction policy last week, leaving automakers, dealers and buyers unprepared.

China's Hangzhou city to restrict car ownership

[2014-03-25 21:50]

East China's Hangzhou City is now the sixth Chinese city to clamp down on car ownership in a bid to ease traffic congestion and combat air pollution.

Chinese cities open up green car markets

[2014-03-21 16:53]

Three of China's biggest cities are helping consumers pay for a range of electric cars, heeding calls to encourage the sale.

Govt ponders raising cap on foreign stakes in auto JV

[2014-03-10 07:10]

The ministry announced in November that industries like automotive and steel will be further opened to foreign investors.

Shanghai further promotes use of new-energy cars

[2014-03-03 18:41]

Shanghai will further promote the use of new-energy vehicles, with more than 10,000 new-energy cars and more than 6,000 charging posts by 2015, according to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and the city's electric power company.

Auto lobby, policymakers collide over intl investment

[2014-02-21 18:27]

China's auto lobby has urged Beijing to support local carmakers after the regulator said it was considering further opening up the market.

China mulls revising auto joint venture bar

[2014-02-21 09:53]

Ownership ratio of joint ventures in the auto industry will be revised, according to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

New rules to govern second-hand car sale

[2014-02-20 16:10]

New standard to evaluate second-hand cars has been released. Car owners planning to sell their used vehicle will be required to provide detailed information to buyers prior to selling the car.

Electric car plates show spark in Beijing

[2014-02-19 17:31]

Applications for electric car plates reached 4,785 in February, data from Beijing Traffic Committee shows.

CAAM against lifting limit on foreign stakes

[2014-02-15 08:04]

China shouldn't raise the 50 percent ceiling on foreign ownership of vehicle joint ventures, because doing so will put domestic automakers under severe pressure.

China's new energy vehicles fueled up

[2014-02-13 11:22]

A campaign to put more new energy vehicles on the streets of China's cities has set new goals in the hope of stirring up a disinterested domestic market.