Business / Auto Policy

Antitrust law to step up penalties on automakers

[2015-07-06 13:25]

China is drafting an antitrust guideline for theauto industry after several companies, including automakers and spare parts producers, were fined for monopolistic practices.

US sets final dumping margins on Chinese tires

[2015-06-13 11:19]

The US Commerce Department on Friday set final dumping margins on imported passenger vehicle and light truck tires from China.

Photos: Beijing promotes public charging posts

[2015-06-08 14:54]

Beijing authorities announced last week that they are making a plan to require new buildings include such charging posts in the future, to meet the government’s goal to popularize green travel.

New rule sets standards higher for EV technologies

[2015-06-08 13:36]

China is requiring from July 10 that car companies owning intellectual property rights of electric vehicles further their research and development to speed up EV technologies.

Tianjin green lights parallel import plan

[2015-06-08 10:38]

The Tianjin commerce commission has recently released its pilot plan for the so-called parallel imports of autos in the China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone, making it the second FTZ to give the go-ahead on the controversial program.

China regulates new EV makers

[2015-06-05 17:26]

China is set to regulate pure electric vehicle makers' production conditions from July 10 and encourage innovative companies to join the search and production. The future EVs should have a max speed faster than 100 km/h.

Chinese capital passes diesel standard

[2015-06-05 11:05]

Beijing announced it will adopt the national V emissions standard, the tightest one in China, for diesel-powered vehicles this month, becoming the first city in China to adopt standards for both gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.

Tianjin adopts new Chinese emissions law

[2015-06-05 11:02]

Tianjin announced it will adopt the national V emissions standard for gasoline vehicles in September.

VW says China OKs bigger stake in venture with FAW

[2015-06-05 11:01]

Together with its joint ventures Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen, Volkswagen delivered 3.7 million vehicles in China in 2014.

New-energy sales targets cut after poor performance

[2015-06-01 07:16]

The State Council's development plan issued in 2012 said the 2020 target for EVs and PHEVs was production of 2 million units and accumulated sales of 5 million units.

China calls on automakers to list green vehicles

[2015-05-25 13:23]

China, which renewed a tax-exemption policy for new energy vehicles on May 18, is calling on Chinese automakers to submit a list of their models eligible for the promoting program.

China calls on automakers to list green cars

[2015-05-22 10:44]

China, which renewed a tax-exemption policy for new energy vehicles on May 18, is calling on Chinese automakers to submit a list of their models eligible for the promoting program.

China slashes taxes on green autos

[2015-05-18 13:38]

China, the world's second largest new-energy vehicle market, is once again making the purchase of a new-energy vehicle much easier and lighter on customers' wallets.

Mercedes-Benz fined $56.5m for price fixing

[2015-04-24 07:36]

Mercedes-Benz, a division of the German automobile manufacturer Daimler AG has been fined 350 million yuan ($56.5 million) for price fixing.

China fines Mercedes-Benz $56m

[2015-04-23 12:48]

Regulator says the carmaker pressured dealers to set minimum sales prices on some of its cars and spare parts, and warned others.

Shanghai extends traffic restriction hours

[2015-04-02 14:37]

Shanghai will extend the restriction hours of non-Shanghai registered passenger vehicles running on elevated highways or urban highways from April 15.

New guideline for auto joint ventures

[2015-03-29 10:36]

The Ministry of Commerce has announced that, from April 10, the shareholdings of Chinese parties in joint ventures should be above 50 percent for automobile companies.

China asks Jaguar Land Rover to recall Evoque SUVs

[2015-03-20 10:22]

Quality watchdog calls for Range Rover Evoque SUVs recall, following a media report which said the vehicles used faulty gearboxes.

China to boost new energy vehicles

[2015-03-19 13:19]

The number of new energy vehicles to hit China's roads by 2020 will reach 300,000 as the country aims to save energy and combat pollution.

Hangzhou promotes 'mini bus' rental service

[2015-03-19 08:35]

Electric cars, used as "mini buses" in Hangzhou city, East China's Zhejiang province. The electric cars can travel about 80 kilometers after one charge.