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FAW-VW and Chrysler fined for monopoly violation

[2014-09-11 15:59]

FAW-Volkswagen Sales Co was fined 248.58 million yuan ($40.51 million) as two multinational automakers were punished by local authorities.

China launches criminal case against former FAW executive

[2014-09-04 13:53]

Chinese prosecutors have launched a criminal bribery investigation into a former senior executive at FAW Group Corp, China's procurator said on Wednesday.

New rules mulled for the auto industry

[2014-08-21 07:05]

China is considering drafting new rules for the automotive industry on the basis of its Anti-Monopoly Law, official at the antitrust regulator said.

Japanese auto parts suppliers fined over price monopoly

[2014-08-20 13:20]

A total of 12 Japanese auto parts suppliers have been fined 1.24 billion yuan ($201 million) due to a price monopoly, China's top price regulator confirmed Wednesday.

China govt vehicle reform boosts car auctions

[2014-08-18 15:47]

China's government vehicle reform has boosted car auctions in the country, with the auction value reaching 3.57 billion yuan in the first half of this year, up 44.3 percent year on year.

Probes prompt call for urgent changes to auto sales rules

[2014-08-18 08:07]

Although the Chinese government launched antitrust investigations of only Audi, Chrysler and 12 Japanese spare parts companies, the move has caused tremors among foreign car brands.

Rental firms sit back and enjoy the ride after policy change

[2014-08-18 07:49]

Executives of the car rental company Yongche are rubbing their hands with delight as representatives of state enterprises beat a path to their doors looking to do business.

Anti-monopoly for Chinese consumers' rights: govt

[2014-08-09 14:41]

China's recent wave of antitrust probes does not specifically target foreign multinational enterprises operating.

China car probes mark anti-trust war

[2014-08-06 16:22]

China on Wednesday announced that it will punish two auto giants for monopolistic practices, indicating a step up in enforcement of the country's six-year-old Anti-Monopoly Law.

China to punish Chrysler, Audi for anti-trust violations

[2014-08-06 13:45]

Two separate anti-trust probes into Chrysler and Audi have found that the two multinational carmakers have pursued monopolistic practices and will be punished.

China's antitrust body slaps fine on Japanese firms

[2014-08-06 11:34]

China's antitrust agency on Wednesday confirmed that 12 Japanese auto parts and bearings manufacturers have been investigated.

Car dealership rules take new direction

[2014-08-05 07:19]

The Chinese government is taking action to make the distribution of automobiles more transparent through simplifying the application and administration process.

Govt gives boost to electric cars

[2014-07-31 07:12]

China has launched a favorable pricing directive for electric cars, bringing the nation closer to widespread use of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Guiyang starts the methanol automobile pilot work

[2014-07-28 20:40]

Ministry of Industry and Information recently approved southwest China's Guizhou province to carry out methanol automobile pilot work.

China to boost new energy vehicles

[2014-07-21 16:43]

The State Council issued a guideline to promote new energy vehicles, highlighting construction of charging facilities and elimination of regional protectionism.

Tesla loses out on green car sales boost project

[2014-07-21 14:27]

Overseas electric cars will be excluded from the new round of government-backed development and sales stimulus program.

Government putting the brakes on car spending

[2014-07-17 07:26]

China has set a timetable for the reform of government spending on vehicles, aiming to scrap the supply of vehicles for regular government affairs.

Free license plates for EV increase

[2014-07-16 13:02]

Shanghai has issued 1,436 free license plates to electric car buyers by June this year, as a way to encourage people to use green cars.

Policy shift will jolt new-energy vehicle market

[2014-07-15 06:57]

China is increasing the number of new-energy vehicles in government and public institutions' fleets in order to boost their widespread use.

China exempts new-energy cars from purchase tax

[2014-07-10 10:43]

The Chinese government announced Wednesday that new energy cars will be exempted from a 10 percent purchase tax starting from September in its bid to save energy and combat pollution.