Business / Auto Policy

Braced for rule amendments

[2016-05-30 09:28]

Chinese traction battery manufacturers are preparing for a shakeup of the sector following the release of draft proposals to industry insiders that are reported to include amendments to national standards for the production of traction batteries, which are used to power new energy vehicles.

China pushing for green transport revolution

[2016-05-23 11:05]

Dai Dongchang, vice minister of transport, vowed China will roll out stronger policies to peak its carbon emission as soon as possible.

Beijing scraps emissions plan

[2016-05-16 14:49]

An emissions plan proposed by the Beijing environmental authorities has been scrapped, a move that experts believe will save automakers from repetitive research and testing costs.

Shanghai to build more free charging posts for electric cars

[2016-05-14 13:38]

Eleven charging posts have been installed in the parking lot of Wanfo Temple in Shanghai.

Half of new state vehicles to be powered by new energy

[2016-05-06 10:10]

Over half of new vehicles in China's central state departments will be new energy vehicles within five years, National Government Offices Administration said.

Secondhand vehicle sales expected to soar this year

[2016-03-28 08:17]

Sales of secondhand cars in China are expected to hit a new high this year after the State Council released a guideline on March 25 to stimulate the sector's development.

Guideline addresses monopolies in auto sector

[2016-03-28 08:14]

China is soliciting public opinion on an auto sector antimonopoly draft, a sign that car sellers may face fairer competition and which could give customers more freedom of choice in the world's largest auto market.

Backing by ministries gives hope to ride-sharing services

[2016-03-07 10:27]

A glimmer of hope may flare for ride-sharing companies to gain legitimacy after ministries vow to encourage the popular means of transport.

New govt sweep clears industry of 'zombies'

[2016-03-07 09:32]

China's recent revocation of some passenger vehicle makers' production qualifications is its latest effort to invigorate its automaking industry, said government officials and industry insiders.

China to boost parallel imported vehicles

[2016-03-05 10:57]

China will boost pilots of parallel vehicle imports in its free trade zones, allowing cars to be imported without providing authorization from carmakers.

China completes vehicle reform for central government

[2016-03-01 16:01]

Car reform for the central government has been fully accomplished, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said on Tuesday.

Tianjin to propel parallel auto imports

[2016-02-29 14:18]

Tianjin plans to continue developing parallel auto imports in its free trade zone this year after it recently reported a surge in such imports last year.

Battery breakthroughs sought

[2016-02-29 14:12]

China announced on Thursday, 500 million yuan ($76.6 million) will be invested in a research and development institute for new energy vehicle batteries, with the government leading nine companies in search of breakthroughs in advanced traction battery technology.

Authorities mull new measures to reduce congestion in capital

[2016-02-29 14:12]

Beijing may sell automobile license plates by auction instead of the current lottery system from April, as one of planned new measures to ease the city's traffic congestion.

Chinese govt boosts new energy vehicle purchases

[2016-02-25 07:59]

China is to increase to more than half the proportion of new energy vehicle purchases made by some government departments, the State Council said.

Lower down payments for NEV loans expected

[2016-02-22 10:39]

The percentage of down payments needed on new-energy vehicles and secondhand cars in China is expected to fall, as the central government attempts to maintain stable growth in the country's manufacturing, adjust the nation's economic structure and raise the level of performance.

China to use more new energy vehicles in public institutions

[2016-02-19 09:25]

Public institutions in China should take the lead and add more new energy vehicles to their car pools, according to a statement from the National Government Offices Administration.

China accelerates upgrade of emissions standards

[2016-02-15 14:41]

China is speeding up its upgrading of vehicle emission standards to control car exhaust pollution, an alleged culprit for the smog that shrouds nearly half the country on many winter days.

Beijing seeks healthier balance between car numbers and air quality

[2016-02-15 14:40]

Experts, locals question the city's proposal to restrict cars, Li Fusheng reports.

New energy vehicle subsidies in spotlight as ministries launch probe

[2016-01-27 13:51]

A ministry-level nationwide investigation is set to be launched into fraudulent subsidies of new energy vehicle manufacturers, the Ministry of Finance said on Monday.