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Beijing to map all public parking lots

[2013-11-07 19:30]

Beijing will establish a car-park map and number every parking lot, according to Beijing News on Nov 7. The parking information will be written and updated in a system.

Beijing to cut 37.5% new car quota

[2013-11-07 04:14]

The Beijing government will slash its new car registration quota from 2014 and give more stake to new energy vehicles as part of its efforts to curb air pollution.

Expo taxis face its end in Shanghai

[2013-11-05 19:37]

The Expo taxi, a special model for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, will no longer be on the roads next year due to high maintenance costs, the Oriental Morning Post reported on Tuesday.

Beijing to impose odd-even car restriction

[2013-10-17 17:20]

The Beijing Municipal Government will soon issue a program requiring alternate driving days for cars with even- and odd-numbered license plates in case of lingering smog.

Road to clean air starts with new energy vehicles

[2013-10-13 23:36]

According to the capital's five-year Clear Air Action Plan unveiled in September, authorities aim to cut annual gasoline and diesel fuel consumption in 2017 by 5 percent of 2012 levels.

Hurdles remain for vehicle curbs

[2013-10-10 08:55]

Attempts to halve the number of vehicles on Beijing's roads on days when there are seriously high levels of pollution still face challenges, experts say.

China announces pricing policy for fuel upgrade

[2013-09-24 09:14]

Chinese drivers will have to pay more in fuel prices amid the country's drive to reduce air pollution through upgraded fuel quality.

Car warranty rules to start in Oct

[2013-09-23 06:54]

The auto warranties regulation will give Chinese customers unprecedented rights to return a faulty vehicle for a replacement or refund.

Car warranty major clauses

[2013-09-23 06:54]

Customers are eligible for free repairs in at least the first three years of ownership or 60,000 kilometers' driving distance if the car has quality defects.

'3-guarantee' aimed at improving natl auto industry

[2013-09-23 06:54]

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine responded to questions about the new rules of the first national regulations on car warranties.

China to promote new-energy vehicles

[2013-09-18 09:35]

Subsidies will be provided to help promote new-energy vehicles from 2013 to 2015, the Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday.

New-energy vehicle policy shifts gears

[2013-09-18 09:23]

China adjusted its subsidy program for new-energy vehicles on Tuesday, with the scope and depth of the policy narrowing.

Beijing reveals annual vehicle emissions load

[2013-09-11 09:34]

Motor vehicles in Beijing consume more than 7 million tons of fuel annually, discharging about 900,000 tons of emissions every year.

Beijing to cut car registrations in 2014

[2013-09-03 15:30]

Beijing will reduce car registrations from next year in a bid to clean up its air and ease traffic congestion. Beijing to consider fees for car congestion
Beijing vows to reduce PM 2.5 density by 25%
Automakers look to drive sales overseas

China investigating carmakers over pricing

[2013-08-14 14:04]

A Chinese automotive association is collecting data on the price of all foreign cars sold in the country for a government agency.

Tianjin guideline the latest bid to restrict new car sales

[2013-08-12 07:08]

As pressure mounts on infrastructure and the environment, Tianjin will become the latest in a string of cities to restrict automobile purchases.

More cities likely to curb car purchases

[2013-07-11 01:51]

Eight more cities are likely to announce policies curbing the purchase of vehicles, as worries about pollution and traffic congestion rise around the country.

Carpooling to become a legal possibility

[2013-07-02 16:09]

Beijing plans to provide guide rules on how to engage in private carpooling by the end of this year, and the possibility of carpooling is under review.

Shanghai set for rapid bus system

[2013-06-18 15:51]

Shanghai's first Bus Rapid Transit system project was officially approved by Fengxian's local government and the BRT will have its own dedicated lanes.

Green light for Beijing cab fare hike

[2013-06-07 02:06]

Beijing will raise taxi fares from Monday in a bid to improve drivers' income and address complaints about poor service and cab shortages.

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