Business / Auto Policy

Electric cars subsidy based on performance

[2013-03-14 15:29]

China's new electric cars subsidy policy will be divided into 16 levels, and cars will be subsidized in accordance to its actual energy-conserving performance.

New-energy policies boost for Tianjin carmakers

[2013-03-08 21:14]

The Tianjin economic planner has issued a series of policies to support development of the energy-saving and new-energy automobile industry.

Electric car buyers will get plates

[2013-03-07 20:57]

Buyers of electric vehicles in Beijing will receive car plates without participating in the car license plate lottery, authority said on Thursday.

China unveils ambitious transport, energy plans

[2013-03-05 13:27]

The proposed transport projects in 2013 include putting into operation more than 5,200 km of new railway lines, building an additional 80,000 km of highways

No street closures during NPC and CPPCC

[2013-03-01 16:51]

Beijing will not block the streets or use squad cars during the upcoming political sessions so as to guarantee smooth traffic.

China tightens military car plate approval

[2013-02-28 21:35]

China's military will use new car plates from May 1 and tighten controls on their approval, a move to stop civilian cars from carrying army plates and stamp out bogus military car licenses.

China's new electric cars subsidy to expand

[2013-02-27 17:19]

China is expected to subsidize electric vehicles sold in 25 model cities, expanding from the current five cities, and adopt a unified subsidy standard.

Beijing VI emission standard may hurt Chinese cars

[2013-02-27 15:50]

The sixth stage of Beijing's vehicle emission standard (Beijing VI Standard) is still under research and is set to be implemented in 2016.

China's govt car contracts go to home brands

[2013-02-26 17:37]

All 412 types of cars listed will be supplied by domestic manufacturers, with none from foreign joint-venture brands.

Policy promotes cleaner conventional engines

[2013-02-25 05:56]

China's heavy reliance on imported oil and alarming air quality have led the government to encourage more efficient conventional engines.

China to publish National V fuel standard

[2013-02-22 13:31]

China's fifth stage of the standard for gasoline and diesel used in vehicles is set to be published this year, after passed the timetable on Feb 6.

Beijing to get more parking spots for taxis

[2013-02-21 08:15]

Plans to add more than 800 parking spaces for taxis in Beijing to ease the difficulty of hailing a cab have received a lukewarm response.

Beijing to add more taxi parking lot

[2013-02-20 17:20]

Beijing is to add more than 800 parking spaces in the city for cabs by the end of the year in an attempt to ease the difficulty of hailing a taxi in the capital.

Car interior air standard to take effect

[2013-02-18 11:16]

China's first auto interior air quality standard will take effect on March 1. It defines the limits for eight common volatile organic materials.

Tougher fuel standards take form

[2013-02-18 08:04]

The smog that has shrouded many parts of northern China has brought a pressing demand for cleaner fuel and vehicles to improve air quality.

Zhongtong Bus receives new-energy subsidy

[2013-02-04 14:19]

Zhongtong Bus and Holding Co will receive an 80 million yuan subsidy from the government to aid its development of plug-in hybrid and pure-electric buses.

Traffic violations drop since Jan

[2013-02-01 14:54]

Severe traffic violations throughout China have dropped sharply since January, according to data issued by the Ministry of Public Security on Jan 31.

Traffic violations, road accidents decline

[2013-02-01 00:04]

China reported a dramatic decline of traffic violations and road accidents in January, with deaths from running traffic lights and overspeeding falling.

Official cars off roads during hazardous pollution

[2013-01-30 01:02]

Thirty percent of official cars in Beijing should not be used when there is "extremely bad" pollution, traffic authorities confirmed Tuesday.

Beijing to maintain car quota for 2013

[2013-01-25 04:05]

Beijing will maintain its license plate lottery scheme next year, as well as cap the number of registered cars at 240,000, a local official said Thursday.