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BMW China adds two new SAVs to its premium X family

By Hao Yan ( Updated: 2015-04-20 16:23

BMW China adds two new SAVs to its premium X family
BMW's X5 M and X6 M are seen in this file photo. [Photo/]
Luxury models highlight company's commitment to ‘vital' local market

BMW's two all-new Sports Activity Vehicles, the X5 M and X6 M, launched in the Chinese market on April 19, with about 500 guests attending the ceremony in Shanghai to look back at the X family's history since 1999.

Proactive and practical

BMW Group Region China President and CEO Karsten Engel spoke about the Chinese premium car market and the company's plans for this year. He said: "Despite the ‘new normal' growth rate, the Chinese market is still the most vital among the markets of similar size. We are optimistic in its development, and are devoted to maintaining sustainable growth for the long term at a pace similar to the market's growth.

"Our confidence is rooted in the strength of our products, and the glamour of the brand. Tonight, the BMW X family is about to interpret this glory, and share the excitement with everyone."

BMW Group's China sales reached 2 million units by the first quarter of this year. The carmaker is expecting speedy growth in the demand for after-sales services, pre-owned cars, financing and other services, and this may help dealers diversify their businesses. BMW has set a proactive and practical strategy to focus on improving business quality while maintaining its current customers, to realize sustainable growth.

Engel said, "BMW will release more than 10 fascinating products of premium SAVs, compact cars, and new energy cars, as those three segments have the highest growth potential."

X family legend

The letter X indicates primary energies and endless possibilities. The letter has been on BMW cars since the 1980s, representing its 4-Wheel-Drive technologies. It also symbolizes the group's extraordinary innovations and future-oriented concepts. As soon as the first high performance SAV X5 was launched in 1999, the X became a symbol of unique driving pleasure.

The BMW X family has been constantly expanding over the past 15 years, and offering a variety of choices for customers. The X family created and led its premium segments, and has achieved legendary success.

In 2003, the classic mid-size premium SAV X3 was launched, equipped for the first time with the xDrive intelligent All-Wheel-Drive system.

In 2008, the crossover X6 successfully made bold innovations in the coupe sector.

In 2009, the first compact premium SAV X1 was unveiled for city lifestyles, and local production of the model started in 2012 to better suit the demands of Chinese customers.

In 2014, the stylish X4 all-round coupe drove into the sector's premium position.

The BMW X family's tracks reflect the group's route to explore entire new fields. More than 3.5 million units of BMW X had been sold worldwide by October 2014, with almost one in three newly registered BMWs an X model. The X family has boosted BMW to become one of the world's most successful premium 4WD carmakers.

Destination X tour

The BMW Destination X tour has been introducing fresh ideas and keeping pace with the times. This year, inspired by China's "‘Belt and Road Initiatives", the event will be closely linked to Chinese culture — driving along the new Silk Road.

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