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  • BYD's history of building his dreams

    2011-09-16 17:15

    BYD Production by Model from Jan- June 2011

  • BYD eyes more market share

    2011-09-16 14:32

    BYD says that it will cut the prices of its five auto models, China Business News (CBN) reported on Feb 18, 2011. 

  • BYD has flaws in crash test

    2011-09-16 14:14

    F3 model cars made by BYD Auto Co Ltd (BYD) received a score of zero in two crash tests, according to data from China-New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP), Shanghai-based National Business Daily (NBD) reported Thursday.

  • China may get senior IMF job

    2011-07-07 14:44

    China is close to clinching a top-level post at the International Monetary Fund, IMF sources said on Wednesday after the Fund's new chief pledged to give more power to emerging economies.

  • Alcoa leader shows his mettle

    2011-07-07 10:47

    When Chen Jinya joined Alcoa China on the first day of 2007, he expected he would be able to build a bridge between East and West.

  • Wanda's 500m yuan to boost Chinese soccer

    2011-07-04 14:07

    Fresh from the recent disappointment of its Olympic team failing to qualify for next year's London Games, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) launched a huge salvage campaign on Sunday by reaching a multi-million-dollar deal with a domestic company to support a new youth development program.

  • PopCap Games powers up in China

    2011-07-04 10:29

    With the increasing interest shown by Internet users in games, PopCap Games Inc, a United States-based game developer and publisher famed for its popular game Plants versus Zombies (PvZ), sees a rosy future in China.

  • Ex-official named to No 2 spot at China Mobile

    2011-07-01 13:20

    Xi Guohua has been appointed as the Party secretary and vice-chairman of China Mobile Communications Corp, which analysts said will add momentum to the development of homegrown fourth generation (4G) mobile technology.

  • The business where inflation counts

    2011-06-27 10:23

    Using her talent in design and fashion, Hu Xinying opened a balloon-decoration store, the first of its kind in the capital, in 2009, creating stunning balloon designs for weddings, birthday parties or other romantic occasions.

  • Lunch with Warren Buffett sets new record

    2011-06-13 14:54

    The winning bidder's willingness to set a record for lunch with Warren Buffett is the latest proof of the glamour of the billionaire investor, as businesspeople are keen to boost their images by building connections with Buffett.

  • He doesn't play golf but can still hit a fair score

    2011-06-09 13:28

    Very few billionaires don't play golf. David M. Rubenstein, The Carlyle Group's co-founder and managing director, however, is one of the very few.

  • Making beauty their business

    2011-06-06 10:31

    Known as "Brother Nic" in many Chinese cosmetology websites, Peng is a respected skincare expert on the Chinese mainland. His main job is to attend various launches and business meetings as a beauty adviser.

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