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  • Living in an urban village: 'Iron-digger'

    2013-11-04 16:57

    Xiong Sansan and his peers always cycle around in the city, trying to find a place where they can find waste iron.

  • Male nanny confident in career change

    2012-11-30 16:52

    Li Dabin, a former college teacher, is now being trained to be the first certified male post-natal carer, or maternity matron, in China.

  • Herb planting: new business opportunity

    2012-11-29 17:05

    Zhu Xin, 29, has always been interested in agricultural technology. After graduating from collage with a gardening management degree, he started his own business of building an herb garden.

  • Solar greenhouse boosts modern agriculture

    2012-11-28 16:07

    A new type of greenhouse with a solar power generated roof has been gaining popularity in Jimo, Shandong since last year.

  • Tea trader's daughter becomes senior tea-taster

    2012-11-27 16:50

    Lin Sina, 29, is a certified senior tea-taster in Beijing. Born and raised in Anxi county, Fujian province, where the famous tea Tie Guanyin (Oolong Tea) mainly grows, she developed a huge interest in tea.

  • Last man standing in village once home to 130

    2012-11-26 16:10

    Farmer Zhong Zhaowu leads a lonely life in Nankeng, Anyi county in East China's Jiangxi province.

  • Ginger vendor pursues dream of writing

    2012-11-26 17:03

    Yao Qizhong, 40, a migrant worker who sells ginger in a market, has put his life and struggles into 200,000 words over three years.

  • College graduate becomes farmer

    2012-11-23 16:55

    Graduated from college in 2011, Li Wen, unlike other college graduates, chose a different path in life – to become a farmer. He contracted 20 mu (1.33 hectare) of farmland in Zhangshu, Jiangxi, and started his modern agriculture business. Li is now supplying his green vegetables to the markets.

  • Would you stay in Chongqing's 1st capsule hotel?

    2012-11-23 10:51

    Tourists in the first capsule hotel in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality chat with fellow guests on Nov 22, 2012.

  • Company lends hands to local farmers

    2012-11-22 17:10

    The extremely low price of Chinese cabbage this year have become a troubling issue for farmers in Puyang, Henan.

  • Herdsman on new road to a happy life

    2012-11-20 16:51

    Hagihan, 75, lives with his son Yeerkin in a residential area in Altay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. After he quit farming, Yeerkin became a driver and paid about 40,000 yuan to move into an 90-squre-meter apartment.

  • Builders live and work in mountain

    2012-11-19 16:41

    A construction team with about 100 workers has been living in the foothills of Huangshan mountain for more than a year to build a ground rail cable.

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