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Fighter trailers carry brides to camp

( Updated: 2015-05-14 11:33

In today's trending, fighter trailers bring eight brides to military camp, a company sends 12,700 employees on holiday to Thailand, a young woman offers to marry anyone who can save her brother, and a man who abused a dog apologizes to angry crowds.

Fighter trailers carry brides to camp

Eight couples stand on fighter tow-trucks to attend their group wedding ceremony in a military camp. [Photo:]

Fighter trailers bring brides into military camp

What is the most unusual vehicle a bride can take on her wedding day?

Eight brides traveled to a military camp on their wedding day by taking fighter tow-trucks during a group wedding ceremony recently, the official Weibo account of PLA Daily reported on Wednesday.

The mass wedding, themed "Love in the Sea and Sky", was held together because the grooms, all soldiers, delayed their respective wedding days to perform their duties.

Speaking of brides, a young woman offers to marry anyone who will save her brother, in our next story.

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