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Trending: Thousands swim to protect river

( Updated: 2014-08-10 17:21

Government official who crashed into luxury car gets 8 months in prison, paying tuition reaps an RMB 800,000 lottery jackpot for a student and a woman trying to save her husband who's under investigation is swindled out of 14.6 million yuan.

Trending: Thousands swim to protect river

Thousands swim to protect river

Thousands of government officials and swimmers took part in "protecting the mother river" by swimming across the Lanxi river in Zhejiang province on Saturday, according to

Deputy Director of Lanxi City Environmental Protection Bureau Feng Xuexin said people can test water quality of water themselves by swimming in it.

The event was organized to raise awareness of environmental issues. The activity also attracted many travelers, including Ding Peizhong from Taiwan, who said the river water was so clean that there was no stench.


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Trending: Thousands swim to protect river

Crashing into Lamborghini turns expensive for Honda driver

A government official from Gansu province who was driving a Honda Accord when he crashed into a Lamborghini on Dec 28, 2012, in the province's Lanzhou city, has been sentenced to 8 months in prison, Modern Express reported.

People's Procuratorate of Lanzhou took the official to court after the official claimed he was unable to pay the 770,000 yuan ($125,000) required for the Lamborghini's repairs. The official was able to pay only 200,000 yuan.

The prosecutor handling the case said a suspect can be held criminally responsible if they are unable to pay a substantial amount in damages after causing loss to someone's property.


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Trending: Thousands swim to protect river

Girl wins receipt lottery after paying tuition

A lucky girl won a big prize from a receipt she obtained after paying tuition in Shenyang, Northeast China's Liaoning province, Shenyang Evening News reported.

A junior student studying at a vocational school, who calls herself Yingying, an alias, was surprised to find she hit a jackpot worth 800,000 yuan ($130,000) after paying a tuition fee of 5,800 yuan ($942). The tuition money was hard-won earnings from her parents who live in a rural area.

The lucky girl's mother said they have not figured out how to use this unexpected fortune.


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Trending: Thousands swim to protect river

Wife eager to save husband swindled

A woman was swindled out of a huge sum of money in hopes of saving her husband, who is under investigation by the local discipline inspection authority in East China’s Anhui province, reported Beijing Times.

The woman, surnamed Wang, paid a total of 14.6 million yuan ($2.37 million) demanded by a man who said he could help out her husband using the guanxi, or connections, with provincial leaders. When her husband was not released as promised, the woman called the police.

The fraudster was sentenced to life imprisonment on the charge of swindling.


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