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Luxury car for execution ground command: court

By Yang Yao ( Updated: 2014-02-19 21:31

A court in Weinan, Shaanxi province, denied an online accusation that a luxury car is being used by officials, saying the Audi Q5 in question is used for execution ground command work.

A web user posted a photo of an Audi Q5 car used by Weinan City Intermediate People's Court and claimed the car was used by the leader of the court, which is not allowed under the eight-point anti-graft rules of the Communist Party of China.

The court, however, said the car is a command vehicle for the execution ground. The vehicle had been used by the vice-president of the court in 2011 but, after the anti-graft regulation was published, it is no longer for personal use.

The court told media on Wednesday that when people took a photo of the car, it was being driven to have maintenance and was returned an hour later.

The court also said it would better manage car use according to the rules.

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